About Us
About Us
The founders of AVIAR started their career in VR field at Tengo Interactive, well-known successful digital production company from Yekaterinburg.

Today, in AVIAR - we brought together the unique team of passionate people dedicated to aviation and highly skilled in new techs like VR, AR & XR.
We help aviation training centers around the world to implement hi-end virtual reality technologies in their work. Armed with our first-class content and with our help, airports, airlines and handling companies can create their own unique VR-training products for aviation professionals.

In every project, we try to achieve maximum immersion when the trainee misses the line between real and virtual. We believe that full immersion is the key to a deep understanding and effective learning.
We're based in Amsterdam, Netherlands.
Our mission is to implement, develop and enhance affordable and effective technologies of VR training for the needs of the whole aviation industry so that training level of the aviation personnel around the world will constantly grow, and air transportation safety will reach a new level.
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