Service for creation of fully customized training modules
Service for creation of fully customized training modules
Your company may achieve the most positive effect from implementation of VR Training if simulations and working scenarios will 100 % comply with all particularities of process organization in your company. This is why one of the key directions of our activities is a service for creation of customized training VR modules for large clients. There are several directions and levels of customization:
Development of your unique training products
We understand that each airport, airline and handling company are unique and use their own sets of procedures, standards and requirements, whether they are international standards EASA, IATA, ISAGO, ICAO, or standards of national regulatory authorities, as well as, what is crucial, internal standards of the companies.

This is why we offer the service for creation of partially or fully customized scenarios and training modules based on our library and platform to large companies with great amount of personnel and extensive basis of own training insights.
Percise copy of your airport
It is a known fact that one of the most important skills to have for each employee is an ability to quickly navigate a big, modern and intensively operating airport. This is especially true for drivers who recently started their work. An opportunity to examine the layout and all service roads and access roads in detail via virtual reality without visiting the real airport is indeed invaluable.
Specific types of the ground equipment used by the company
Not all purchased equipment is completed with the state-of-the-art and effective simulators. As a rule, training of all nuances of manipulations with certain expensive equipment falls on the shoulders of experienced tutors already at the workplaces.

Equipment is frequently damaged or broken due to simple fact that employees just do not know how to handle it properly. Already today, we are ready to present the most realistic copies of various real equipment samples in our simulations. Besides, we have concluded agreements with a range of equipment manufacturers, and number of such partners is constantly growing.
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