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Service and support MOB
Any new technology raises many questions at the initial stage, and requires professional support in its implementation. It is not enough just to obtain a high quality software. It is also necessary to choose optimal equipment and provide conditions for its convenient use within the existing training centers. Creation and maintenance of at least minimum required initial infrastructure of a small VR classroom often define whether this new technology will be assimilated in this company and how effective its use will be.

We more than anyone else want the training products in which we invest all our time and energy to be of the maximum use for their purchasers. That is why we are ready to provide a whole range of services on engineering, creation, support and development of infrastructure of our clients' VR centers. Moreover, for large clients who have ambitious plans to implement VR Training, we are ready to offer customized hardware solutions such as driver's cabins on dynamic platforms and other hardware extensions.

But even if you plan to use the standard ready-made training modules for your work and purchase all equipment independently, we are ready to provide our recommendations concerning parameters of equipment and premises, arrangement and fastening of sensors system, anti-vandal functionality of headsets and controllers, issues of hygiene and maintenance. We will be glad to visit your premises and train your responsible employees in proper use of VR equipment and software.

In addition, all our training modules are covered by the warranty and free technical support for 90 days from the moment of their purchase.
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